There is something about Miami / by Cristel van Zunderd

There is something about Miami. What a wondrous experience it has been! From my inaugural international exhibition at the PAX, to selling some of my works, which are now proudly on display in the homes of some wonderful folks, leaving some other pieces behind to be exhibited at the local art centre and at this delightful arts and craft store, both owned by sweethearts whom i'm proud to call my friends, to a most luxurious and beautiful stay at the Treehouse in morningside, Miami, and the cherry on the cake - meeting the most special individuals (most of the good ones hail from Miami!). Everything was arranged to perfection, and now I'm walking away inspired, both by the quality work of my co-exhibitors and the sheer serenity and magic I've deeply experienced. There is something about Miami... Till next year! Lots of love!