About The Fridge Art Fair / by Cristel van Zunderd

Great Press from Miami.com

"Fridge Art Fair NYC, an import from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, strikes out into relatively uncharted territory — at least during Basel week — with an edgy show at Little Havana’s Performing Arts Exchange (PAX).

“There’s something magical about Little Havana. I can’t explain it,” said fair director Eric Ginsburg, a New York-based artist. He conceded the location “is a bit of a gamble. We’re not Miami Beach. We’re not Wynwood.”

In addition to partnerships with Street Art NYC, Fridge will infuse some of Little Havana’s distinctive flavor into the mix, with participation from local street artists and live performances from the Havana-born Tomasito Cruz, considered a virtuoso timba drummer, and beloved Miami band the Spam Allstars.

“We want the fair completely accessible, fun and full of life,” said Ginsburg, adding that shuttle buses will be available. “That’s what we want to come across. That art is life.”